Gero Onsen "choice plan" is now on sale! ¥5,000

It is value for money and can enjoy night Gero Onsen!

Event date

October 29,November 5,12,19,26

Contents of “the choice plan”

Evening in“ Gassho-mura”Admission

Free Gohei-mochi

Bar-hopping ¥3000 Coupon&1Free drink

Shutlle Bus

Ryujin Taiko(Traditional Japanese Drum) Experience
(October 29 .November 12)

Geigi(Geisha) Experience
(November 5 .November 26)

Ji-Kabuki(Traditional Japanese Theater) Experience
(November 19)

Please purchase the Gero choice plan at the front desk of the target accommodations. Accommodation package plans are also available

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