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Jan 1st: Let's go and see the first sunrise of the year!

The "hatsu-hinode" refers to the first sunrise of the year which - obviously - can only be seen on Jan 1st. In Japan, many people go see the first sunrise of the year as it is said to be an auspicious event.
This custom is inherited from ancient times, and is said to have reached the peak of its popularity after the Meiji period. It is said that wishing for good luck or making your new year resolutions at the "hatsu-hinode visit" will make your year a good one.

We will like to introduce the best spots to see the first sunrises of the year in the Chūbu region. Be aware that it will be extremely cold, though by making your new year resolutions in the commanding air of the dawn in winter, you will be able to start your new year crisp and fresh!

Shizuoka Granship 10F, Fine-view Lobby

【This event has already finished】

The Fine-view Lobby, located on the 10F of the prefectural culture centre and functioning as a space for cultural exchange, has glass sides from where you can enjoy a panoramic view. Since the bullet trains and Mount Fuji are visible from the windows on sunny days, many families visit the lobby to see the scenery. On Jan 1st, you will be able to wait for the first sunrise in the Fine-view Lobby as the front doors will be opened at 6:30 in the morning. Hot coffee and oshiruko (sweet bean soup with rice cakes) will be offered.


Jan 1, 2018 (Mon., National Holidays), from 6:30
Granship will be closed between Dec 29 (Fri) - Jan 3, 2018 (Wed.)

Entrance fee


Shima Marine Leisure - Toba-wan first sunrise cruise -

A sightseeing cruise on the Toba-wan (Toba bay), available for the first 360 people to arrive, where you can enjoy an elegant experience, observing the many islands scattered on the sea. The sea glittering with the reflection from the sunlight is a marvelous view. The duration of the cruise is 70 minutes. After seeing the first sunrise of the year, "kagami biraki" (a ceremony which involves cutting a cake of pounded rice) will be conducted, and Japanese sake will be served.

Departing Port

1-2383-51, Toba, Toba-shi, Mie, 517-0011
Departing from the Toba Marine Terminal: Sight Seeing Cruise Terminal


Jan 1, 2018 - (Mon., National holidays) 6:30 -

Entrance fee

Big sightseeing boats - Adults 1900 yen, Children 950 yen (Reservation not required)
* The tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and will no longer be available once capacity has been reached.




【This event has already finished】

Kinkazan is a 329 meter-high mountain known as a symbol of Gifu. There will be a ropeway only available on Jan 1, from which a magnificent sunrise can be seen. The first 300 visitors will receive a lucky arrow, the first 500 will receive a ceramic bell, and a portable warm pad will be offered to the first 1000 arrivals. Gifu castle, a 7 minute walk from the Ropeway Sancho Station, is a recommended spot to see the sunrise. Please be advised though that trying to reserve a space before arrival and filming in the castle tower are both prohibited.


Jan 1 (National Holiday) 5:00-17:00
*Hours of the ropeways operating

Entrance fee

Ropeway (round trip) Adult - 1080 yen , Child - 540 yen
Entrance fees for the Gifu castle (including entrance to Gifu Castle Museum) Adult (over 16) - 200 yen, Children (over 4) 100 yen

If you are planning to spend your New Years in Japan, why not visit one of the best spots to see the first sunrise of the year, and wish for good luck in the spectacular morning view?