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February 5, 2020

Join Mission traveler in celebrating its new season and take part in the Central Japan Travel Fair at Central World!

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Event Mission Traveler presents Central Japan Travel Fair 2020
Date February 5, 2020
Time 11:00 am–7:30 pm
Central World • Eden Area

Join host Yiiingya as the stars of Mission Traveler Season 2, Tum, and Boys and Men's Kobayashi and Hiramatsu hit the stage at Central World. Don't miss your chance to hear behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Mission Traveler as well as see the elaborate recreation of Central Japan's super famous Shirakawa-go and check out a live action ninja performance right on stage!

Special appearances by:

Mission Traveler

After a successful Season 1 on ONE31 in 2019, Mission Traveler is back for Season 2 and is holding a special event! Starts from the show will be there to share their memories. It's your chance to see 7 wonder's TUM and maybe another special surprise guest!

Central Japan Travel Fair

Nagoya Castle
Mt. Fuji
Centrair Ninjas

Come check out our event booth along with participants from travel agencies, airlines, Japanese businesses, and tourism bureaus. It's your chance to see all that Central Japan has to offer! Don't miss the Japanese ninja show or the opportunity to win Japanese items in our raffle!

With 2 special guest MCs!


Nae Anothai


Event produced in Thailand by EC RuN Creation Co., Ltd.

Ms. Ning Tel: 094-9291689 Email: cerun.creation@gmail.com

Medias Coordinator, Ms. Tan

Tel: 097-1401340 Email: apirsaratan@gmail.com

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