Second-hand Kimino Shop

A wide selection of used clothing, including used kimonos. They sell a wide range of stage costumes, various dresses such as wedding dresses and Chinese dresses, and antique clothing. They also have a large number of yukata. Feel free to buy anything as it is cheap. It is a fun shop for just looking at the many colors.

Address 〒460-0011 Nagoya, Naka Ward, Osu 2-29-7
Directions Subway

By subway take the Higashiyama Line from Nagoya (H08) to Fushimi (H09) approx. 3mins. or take the Tsurumai Line from Fushimi (T07) to Osu Kannon (T08) approx. 3min. Take the number 2 exit approx. 3mins.

Business hours 10:00~19:00
Holidays Tuesdays (If the 18th, 28th fall on a Tuesday then Mondays)
Contact 052-231-5984
Supported languages Approx. 30 minutes

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