There is an animal cafe in Osu where you can meet cute and fluffy rabbits. There are 40 rabbits in the cafe!

There is also a cafe area where you can enjoy a rabbit-themed menu. If you like rabbits, you should go Usagi to Cafe (うさぎとCafe/Usagi to Cafe).

Usagi to Cafe (うさぎとCafe/Usagi to Cafe) is located in Usagi no Wonderland (うさぎのワンダーランド/Usagi no Wandaarando) in the Nakakoma Building in Osu.

At Usagi no Wonderland (うさぎのワンダーランド/Usagi no Wandaarando), you can find goods and cafes related to rabbits. If you love rabbits you won't be able to resist visiting here!

In Usagi to Cafe (うさぎとCafe/Usagi to Cafe), you can interact with rabbits. The fee is ¥1,660 (including one drink) per person, it's a great place to go with friends and children!

This store's best point is that it is safe even for children. If you follow the basic rules, your children can enjoy it safely. For details, please ask the shop attendants.

Our 40 "rabbit staff" will greet you when you visit. There are some very fluffy rabbits as you can see in the picture. You will feel better just by looking at them.

If your timing is right you can even see newly born kits.

The rabbit room is filled with lots of cute rabbits. If there is a rabbit that you like, please speak to the staff. They will take the rabbit out of the cage for you to interact with. The room is divided into small booths, so you can relax and interact with rabbits.

A cafe space is separate from the Rabbit Room, only using the cafe is OK. A variety of menus with rabbit themes are available. They serve drinks and also filling food and sweets.

Usagi to Cafe (うさぎとCafe/Usagi to Cafe) is a place both friends and children can enjoy. It's not only for those who love rabbits but also people who want to interact with animals. Please visit us!

4-1-7, Sanport Yaba Building 5th floor, Osu, Nakaku, Nagoya, Aichi

About a 6 minute walk from the Yabacho subway station exit 4

Business hours

Mon, Wed, Thu, 12:00am–5:00 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays, 11:00am–8:00 pm





Websites Official site(JPN)

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