Surrounded by a 114km long shore, Lake Hamana (浜名湖/Hamanako), the 10th largest lake in Japan, has a warm climate throughout the year. People here have enjoyed various marine sports since ancient times.

Suzuki Marina Hamanako (スズキマリーナ浜名湖) is located on the west coast of Lake Hamana. Based on the concept of bringing marine sports to people, they have offered various services to many locals as well as the people who live far from the area since its opening in 1974.

Boat license classes, rental boats as well as events are available. Whether you area beginner or advanced in marine sports, you are sure to enjoy!

Address 4494-40 Shinjo Kosaishi, Shizuoka 431-0421


Take JR Tokaido Main Line from Nagoya Station to Toyohashi Station (about 1h)

Then take a taxi (40m)

Business hours

From April to September 9:00am–6:00pm
From October to March 9:00am–5:00pm


Tuesdays (or Wednesdays)



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