Beer Garden Maiami is on the top of the Mitsukoshi department store in Sakae, downtown Nagoya. It's easily accessible by public transportation and a great break from the busy streets below. Aside from the general area, there is a "Glamping" section, where you can enjoy your food and drinks in a private tent. They even have a stage for performances, like singing, magic, and juggling.

13 kinds of beer, a variety of shochu, wine, and more are on offer. If you've never tasted it before, we recommend the fruit-flavored shochu, for its refreshing taste and fruity fragrance.

The food on offer matches beer wonderfully: grilled beef, chicken, pork, many kinds of skewers, fried chicken, and french fries. Try the Nagoya miso skewers, a local delicacy. You can also get the BBQ option to enjoy cooking up your food without the hassle of ordering every time you want something new.

Address 3 Chome 5-1Nagoya Mitsukoshi Rooftop Sakae Branch, Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0008

〒460-0008 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Sakae, 3 Chome−5−1 屋上 名古屋三越(ミツコシ) 栄店

Take the Higashiyama line from Nagoya Station to Sakae Station (about 5 min)
Walk from Sakae Station to Beer Garden Maiami, about 8 minutes.

Business hours

(Spring and Summer Business Hours) Until Saturday, October 3, 2020
Weekday 4:00pm–10:30pm
Weekends and holidays 11:00am–10:30pm

(Autumn/Winter Business Hours) From Friday, October 23, 2020
Business hours: 5:00pm–10:00am on weekdays
Weekends and holidays 11:00am–10:00pm




Lunch time (11:00am-3:00pm): ¥3,500 for adults (including tax) and ¥1,000 for children (including tax)
Dinner (4:00pm–10:30pm): Adults ¥4,000 including tax), children ¥1,500 including tax)

Average visit length

2 hour limit

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