Onigajo, famously known as the Demon's Castle, is a stunning landscape formed by unique rock formations created over time by the forces of waves and winds. It is recognized as a part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, designated as a natural monument by the country, and chosen as one of Japan's top 100 scenic spots. Moreover, you can savor the picturesque view of the Kumano Sea by ascending the observation deck named Oni no Miharashidai.

Address 835-7 Kimoto-cho, Kumano, Mie, Japan 519-4323

<Directions by Car>
Via Tomei Expressway, Ise Expressway, and Kisei Expressway: approximately 200km, 2 hours 45 minutes
From Nagoya Nishi Junction, take the Tomei Expressway, then the Ise Expressway, then the Seiwa Expressway, then the Kisei Expressway to the Kii Nagashima Interchange on Route 42 (approximately 18km). From there, take the Kisei Expressway to the Kaiyama Interchange, then to the Owase-kita Interchange on the Kumano-Owase Expressway, and finally take Route 42 towards Shingu at the Owase-Daito Interchange Exit.

<Directions by Public Transportation>
From JR Nagoya Station (via the Limited Express Wide View Nanki), take the train to JR Kumano-shi Station (approximately 2 hours 49 minutes). From there, take a Mie Kotsu bus to Onigajo Higashiguchi and get off.

Business hours

24 hours




0597-97-1113 (Kumano City Regional Promotion Division)

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