A village full of greenery, located at the foot of the Northern Alps/Azumino, where bell crickets can be found at the foot of Ariake-yama. The water from melted snow and the rich land contribute to the quality of the apples and rice, which are the village's specialties. Japanese sake made using melted snow water is also recommended. The village is known for having the longest life expectancy in Japan, due to its natural wealth and comfortable living environment.


Matsukawamura Tourism Association, Sepia Azumino, 7022-23 Matsukawa-mura, Kita Azumi-gun, Nagano 399-8501

〒399-8501 長野県北安曇郡松川村7022-23 セピア安曇野内 松川村観光協会

Directions JR
JR Ōito Line, Shinano Matsukawa Station (信濃松川駅)
Car Rental
Nagano Expressway, 30 minutes from Azumino IC
Contact Tel: 0261-62-6930
Websites Official Site (Japanese)http://www.matsukawamura.com/index.html

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