<br><p>Experience the traditional skills of Japan. Learn, make, and taste: enjoy a memorable experience making soba noodles at the workshop!</p>
<p>A "hands-on" soba atelier has opened near Nagoya. The fun of making soba noodles is a satisfying experience for adults, families with children - in fact, everyone! After you have finished making the noodles, you can eat them with tempura (Japanese-style fritters).</p>
<p>We will provide instructions in English and Chinese through the use of videos. You will receive a completion certificate once you have completed the soba-making workshop.</p>
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<p><b>Weekdays/National holidays</b><br>12:00- (2 hours required to complete course)</p>
<p><b>Weekends</b><br>9:30- /13:00- (2 hours required to complete course)</p>
<p><b>Plan 1</b><br>One person, one bowl<br>Buckwheat flour: 400g, Tempura: 1 set, gift upon completion - 1,900 yen (without tax) for one person</p>
<p><b>Plan 2</b><br>Two people, one bowl<br>Buckwheat flour: 400g, Tempura: 2 sets, gift upon completion - 3,000 yen (without tax) for two people</p>
<p>* For groups, please contact us to discuss times. We can accommodate groups of up to 40.</p>

Address 6-166 Takenogo, Tobishima-mura, Ama-gun, Aichi 490-1436

〒490-1436 愛知県‎海部郡飛島村竹之郷6丁目166番地

Kintetsu, Kanie station (蟹江駅). Asuka Bus, Asuka-mura Yakuba station (飛鳥村役場駅). 20 minute walk from the station.
10 minutes from the Isewan Gandou, Asuka IC. 1 hour from Chubu International Airport.


<p>Tel: 0567-55-0703</p>

Websites Official Site(JPN)https://www.sagami.co.jp

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