Rental villa "Ork Hirugano" is a resort surrounded by the riches of nature, which can be enjoyed regardless of the season. We provide a comfortable space which you can make use of, with either your family or your friends.
It is neither a hotel or a boarding house: it is a rental villa which you can have all to yourself.

Why not take a trip into nature?

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2363-988, Washimi Ueno, Takasu-cho, Gujyō-shi, Gifu 501-5302

〒501-5302 岐阜県郡上市高鷲町鷲見上野2363-988


Tel: 0575-73-2425



Hirugano SA, 20 minute walk from the Highway Bus stop.


3 minute drive from the Hirugano SA Smart Interchange.

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