The Old City Streets of Takayama

Often referred to as a "Little Kyoto", this part of town is by far the most popular amongst Takayama's numerous foreign visitors. Laid out still as it was in the days of the Edo period, the 150 year-old traditional architecture remains as it was. Traditional craftspeople, their shops and sake breweries fill the streets along with famous sweet shops and places to snack as you wind your way through town.
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Address Kaminoi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, 506-0844


Route 1
JR Limited Express Wide View Hida (platform 11) from Nagoya station to Takayama. (2h and 40 m)
At Takayama station, take Norikuraguchi (east) exit.
Walk east about 10 to 15 minutes.


Route 2
Take Highway bus (Nouhi, Meitetsu, or JR) at Meitetsu Bus Center (3F, platform 7)
From Nagoya Station to Takayama (2h and 30m)
At Takayama station, take Norikuraguchi (east) exit.
Walk east about 10 to 15 minutes.

Business hours

Business hours are different depending on the store.
Some stores open until 10pm, but most stores close at 5pm.


Open Year-Round


Tel: 0577-32-3333



Credit card payment

Credit cards not accepted

Supported languages




Average visit length

4 hours -more than half day

Websites Official Site TAKAYAMA

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