The most famous Nagoya meshi(cuisine) served at Izakaya(Japanese style bar).  We offer a wide variety of Nagoya meshi such as Nagoya cochin(locally grown chicken) and Hacho miso(red soybean paste) cuisine, in addition to our regular dishes such as Tebasaki (deep fried chicken wings), Miso-kushikatsu (meat and vegetable skewers with soybean paste).  The store has the authentic Japanese Izakaya atmosphere and many antiques are displayed.  Come and experience a good old Japan vibe and enjoy local Nagoya dishes to your heart's content for your memory of traveling in Nagoya.

Why We Like It

What to Eat

“Deep Fried Chicken Wings/Three pieces for 450yen”

With our secret sweet and hot sauce made out of Tamari soy sauce and black pepper, deep fried chicken wings are addictive once you eat! Dote Miso(red soybean paste) Kushikatsu(deep fried skewered meat and vegetables)/One for 180yen

“Dote Miso(red soybean paste) Kushikatsu(deep fried skwered meat and vegetables)/One for 180yen”

Deep fried skewered meat and vegetables dipped in traditional Dote Miso is our store's most popular dish and 90% of our customers never miss to order this dish. Offal soybean paste stew, Dote-ni

“Offal soybean paste stew, Dote-ni/600yen”

By simmering beef tendons and konnyaku(yam cake) in red soybean paste made by a long established store, Kakukyu, for hours, enjoy Doteni which our chef put so much energy into.

“Assorted Miso Oden, soybean paste broth stew/680yen”

Despite its thick brown appearance, Miso Oden, a unique Nagoya meshi(cuisine) is light and really tasty. You will enjoy it!

“Assorted purebred Nagoya cochin meat and vegetable skewers /Three pieces 950yen”

Enjoy chewy and tasty purebred Nagoya Cochin, the king of the three famous locally grown chickens in Japan.

“Purebred Nagoya Cochin Premium Oyakodon(chicken and egg over rice)/980yen”

Prepared with purebred Nagoya Cochin's meat, tsukune(meatball), and egg, our premium Oyakodon is covered with soft and delicate half boiled eggs and thick sauce.

“Eel rice bowl, Histumabushi/1980yen”

Hitusmabushi is one of the most famous Nagoya local dishes. You can enjoy one serving in three different ways.

“New Nagoya meshi: Stir-fried noodles, Taiwan Yakisoba/600yen”

Taiwan Yakisoba(stir-fried noodles) drew a lot of media attention. It's a new Nagoya meshi offered by Gomitori. It's a must-try!

“Purebred Nagoya cochin soybean paste broth flat noodles/880yen”

Arranged Nagoya soybean paste broth noodles with flat noodles. It tastes superb with red-hot miso soup

“Hachimarukun Tenmusu: Breaded shrimp rice with Nagoya mascot, Hachimarukun/One for 280yen”

Hachimaru is a Tenmusu featuring Nagoya's mascot for tourism, It looks so cute that you can't help but take a picture of it!


3 Chome-9-13 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 460-0008

〒460-0008 愛知県名古屋市中区栄3丁目9-13

Business hours



Tel: 052-241-0041



Higashiyama-line, "Sakae Station" (栄駅), 5 minute walk from exit 8

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