The World's Largest Fresh-Water Aquarium

Located near Gifu's Nagara River, Aqua Toto is home to fresh water fresh the world over. The world's largest catfish from Mexico and massive pirarucu from the Amazon are particularly popular amongst vistiors. There are educational programs and chances to feed the fish along with special events. Located near the Kawashima Parking Area, it's close to the highway. There are also a host of recreation spots and parks in the surrounding area as well, making Aqua Toto a great place to take the family.

Address 1453 Kawashimakasada, Kagamihara, Gifu Prefecture, 501-6021

Route 1
JR Tokaido Main Line (platform5) from Nagoya to Kisogawa. (20m)
Take west exit and go to taxi platform.
Taxi from Kisogawa station. (15m)

Route 2
JR Tokaido Main Line (platform5 or 6) from Nagoya to JR Gifu. (30m)
Go to bus stop 4 after taking north exit at Gifu station.
Gifu Bus Kawashima Line from JR Gifu to KawashimaKasada (33m)
Walk west (15m)

Business hours

Weekdays 9:30am-5:00pm
Holidays 9:30am-6:00pm



December 10,2018(Mon), January 15,2019(Tue), February 12,2019(Tue), and March 11,2019(Mon)





Credit card payment

JCB, MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Diners Club

Supported languages

English signs available


Adults ¥1,500
Junior and Highschool ¥1,100
Elementary ¥750
Preschool(3years and up) ¥370

Average visit length

3 hours–half day

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