Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Originally developed as a summer getaway for foreigners, Picchio is an amazing place to visit no matter what time of the year it is. Each season, there's something different to for visitors to see. There are 80 different species of birds in the forest along with Asian Black Bears, Serows and Flying Squirrels. They even build an ice-skating rink in the forest during the winter season.

Address Karuizawa Yacho-no-mori, Hoshino, Karuizawa, Katasaku, Nagano Prefecture 389-0194

Route 1
JR Limited Express Shinano (platform 10) Nagoya–Nagano (3h)
JR Hokuriku Shinkansen (platform 14) Nagano–Karuizawa (33m)
Shinano Railways Karuizawa–Naka Karuizawa (5m)
Walk north 17 minutes

Route 2
JR Tokaido Shinkansen (platform 15) Nagoya–Tokyo (1h 45m)
Hokuriku Shinkansen (platform 23) Tokyo–Karuizawa (1h 10)
Take a taxi (15m)

Business hours

9:30am–5pm (April–September)
9:30am–4pm (October–March)





Supported languages



Depends on the type of tour

Average visit length

2–3 hours

Websites Official Site https://www.wildlife-picchio.com/

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