A Tribute to Matsuo Basho

Born in Iga, Matsuo Basho was a famous traveler and poet. Built around 80 years ago, in honor of the 300th anniversary of his birth, the Haisenden is a beautiful tribute to his memory. The circular roof is called the "traveler's umbrella" and the rest of the building is said to resemble his face and clothes. It's a fantastic example of traditional Japanese architecture built in the modern era.

Address 122-1 Uenomarunouchi, Iga, Mie Prefecture 518-0873
Kintetsu Nagoya Limited Express (platform 4 or 5) from Nagoya to Ise Nakagawa (1h)
Kintetsu Osaka Limited Express (platform 5) Ise Nakagawa to Isekanbe (20m) 
Igatetsudo Iga Line (platform 5)  Isekanbe to Ueno (20m)
Walk north (5m)

Business hours None
Holidays None
Contact TEL:0595-22-9621
Wi-Fi Available at Igaryu Ninja Museum and its neighbors
Credit card payment None
Supported languages None
Price Free
Average visit length About 30 minutes
Websites Official Site (ENG)http://www.iga-travel.jp/?page_id=12

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