A Shinto Shrine Positioned in the Middle of a Forest

Togakushi Shrine has over 2,000 years of history to its name. The only way to get to the  center of the shrine is a two-kilometer walk from the front gate. Despite this lengthy trek, the shrine is a hugely popular destination for tourists. On holidays, quite long lines form with people waiting to make offerings and prayers. With massive trees of over 400 years of age lining the path to the shrine, guests will definitely feel the huge scale of the shrine and its history.

Address Togakushi, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 381-4101
Directions JR
JR Limited Express Shinano (platform 10) From Nagoya to Nagano (3h)
Alpico Kotsu Togakushi Line (platform 7) Nagano to Togakushiokusha Iriguchi (1h and 30m)  
Walk (15m)
*No buses run during winter time. (Visiting during the winter time is not recommended.)

Business hours
Open Year-Round
Contact TEL:026-254-2001
Wi-Fi Available at entrance to Upper Togakushi Shrine
Credit card payment
Supported languages None
Average visit length 2–3 hours
Websites Official Site (JPN)http://www.togakushi-jinja.jp/ Togakushi Shrine Kuzuryushahttp://en.nagano-cvb.or.jp/modules/sightseeing/page/376

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