The Five-Colored Lakes (that are all really blue)

The Mikata Five Lakes are, as the name implies, are a group of five lakes that bring together a mix or fresh and sea water. From atop the Rainbow Line Observation Deck, you can see that, while all the lakes have distinct shades of blue and green.


18-2-2 Kiyama, Wakasa, Mikataminaka 919-1301


Directions JR
Route 1
JR Tokaido Shinkansen Hikari (platform 16 or 17) Nagoya–Maibara (25m)
JR Limited Express Shirasagi Maibara-Tsuruga (30m)
JR Obama Line Tsuruga-Mihama (20m)
Taxi Mihama-Sancho Park (20m)
Route 2
JR Limited Express Shirasagi (platform 4) Nagoya-Tsuruga (1h40m)
JR Obama Line Tsuruga-Mihama (20m)
Taxi Mihama-Sancho Park (20m)
*From Mihama station, only taxis or rental cars available.

Business hours
Contact TEL:0770-45-2678
Wi-Fi None
Credit card payment
Supported languages None
Summit Park Entrance (including lift ticket)
Adults ¥800
Children 6 years–Junior High ¥600
Average visit length 1-2 hours
Websites Official Site Beautiful view

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