Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Azumino is home to some of Japan's greatest authors. It's no surprise that such a beautiful home would spawn so many authors who wrote about their picturesque birthplace. There are numerous art museums and places to try your hand at traditional art including glass-making, soba noodles, balloons, fruit-picking and ceramics. There are also chance to get a little more active with go-karts, golf and cycling.

Address 33-4 Horiganekarasugawa, Azumino, Nagano Prefecture 399-8295

7791-4 Tokiwa, Oomachi, Nagano Prefecture, 398-0004

Horigane, Hodaka area
JR Limited Express Wide View Shinano (platform 10) from Nagoya to Matsumoto (2h)
JR Ooito Line from Matsumoto to Hodaka (30m)
Azumino Tour Bus Hodaka to Horigane, Hodaka area (13m)
*You can take a taxi from Hodaka (15m, about ¥2,000)

Oomachi, Matsukawa area
JR Limited Express Wideview Shinano (platform 10) from Nagoya to Matsumoto (2h)
JR Ooito Line from Matsumoto to Shinano-omachi (55m)

(a or b)
a) Shinano Oomachi Tour Bus Gururin Go from Shinano Oomachi to Kokuei Alps Azumino Park (15m)
b) Oomachi Shimin Bus Fureai Go 5 from Jyoban (To Shimizu and Nishiyama) from Shinano Omachi to Kokuei Alps Azumino Park (25m)
*You can take a taxi from Shinano Omachi (15m, ¥2,000)

Business hours

9:30am–5pm (March thru June)
9:30am–6pm (July thru August)
9:30am–5pm (September thru October)
9:30am–4pm (November thru February)
9:30am-9pm (Illumination Season)


Closed Mondays (or following non-holiday)
7/20–8/31 (Open on Mondays when falling between Sunday and holiday)

Closed New Year's Eve and New Year's Day




Available at Guide Center and Information Center

Credit card payment


Supported languages



Under 15 Free

1 Day Ticket ¥450
2 Day Ticket ¥500

Average visit length

1–2 days

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