The is a five-story Gassho-zukuri house and an 11-meter tall pillar holds the roof all the way from the top to the bottom. The Nagase House has stood for 250 years. The family here worked as doctors, so there are some medical tools remaining from the Edo period. Don't miss the Buddhist altars and art pieces here. The roof rethatching in 2001 drew attention because it had been 80 years since the previous rethatching. Footage of the rethatching work in 2001 is available.

823-2 Ogimachi, Shiarkawamura, Oono, Gifu 501-5627
〒501-5627 岐阜県大野郡白川村荻町823-2
Directions Bus
Gifu bus: From Nagoya Station at Meitetsu Bus Center 3F (platform 7) to Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal (2h50m)
8-minute walk from Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal

Business hours 9:00am-5pm
Holidays Irregular closure
Contact Tel: 05769-6-1047
30 wireless access points in Shirakawa-go
Credit card payment Cash, WAON (e-money) only
Adults:¥300 Children: ¥150
For more than 15 people: adults ¥250/Chidren ¥120
Average visit length About 1 Hour
Websites Shirakawa-go Tourist Association

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