Norikura, located in the southern tip of the Northern Japanese Alps (Hida Mountains Range), is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan. Encompassing 23 peaks, 7 lakes, and 8 plains, Norikura is one of the most famous mountains in the Chubu area. Kengamine's peak of 3,026 meters is the highest point in the mountain range. Starting with a casual hiking course, there are many mountain courses are available for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers. Norikuradake Bus Terminal is located at 2,702 meter high, and it is the highest altitude where the bus can run. You will have a spectacular view of snowy mountains above the clouds on the bus!

Matsumoto, Nagano and Takayama Gifu


Route 1
From Matsumoto Bus Terminal to Hiryayu Bus Terminal (1h and 25m)

Business hours

July /September: 3:30am-6pm


Norikura opens from May 15 to October 31 (Closes under inclement weather or snow)


TEL:0577–78-2345 (Hida Norikura Tourist Association)


Not available


Honoki Daira Bus Terminal-Norikura Skyline-Nroikura Bus Terminal

Rount trip for adults: ¥2300 Children: ¥1150
One-way for adults:¥1270 Children: ¥640

Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal -Honoki Daira Bus Terminal-Norikura Skyline-Norikura Bus Terminal
Round trip for adults: ¥2300 Children:¥1150
One-way for adults:¥1430 Children: ¥710

Average visit length

About 3-4 hours

Websites Official Site Matsumoto

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