| Liu Liu

Jun. 1st-Oct. 15th, Kiso River Ukai (Cormorant Fishing) in Inuyama

Kiso River ukai (cormorant fishing) takes place from June 1 through October 15. During this period, you can board a roofed boat called a yakata-bune that's designed for enjoying the event and watch cormorant-fishing techniques whose history goes back some 1,300 years. The magnificent sight of the fishermen taking caught ayu (sweetfish) from cormorants is like an ancient picture scroll come alive!

During the daytime excursion you can watch the cormorant-fishing against a backdrop of Inuyama Castle, a national treasure, while the nighttime run lets you enjoy a magical ambience that's quite different from daylight hours. You can even enjoy a meal aboard the boat. Be sure to experience for yourself this example of traditional Japanese culture!