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June 5th, the Atsuta festival in Atsuta Shrine

The Atsuta Jingu Shrine Festival is one of the major festivals of Nagoya and the Chubu Region of Central Japan and will be held at the famous Atsuta Jingu Shrine. The festival is held every June 5th and is also known as Shobu-sai or Annual Celebration of Atsuta Jingu Shrine.

An imperial envoy is sent to the shrine to offer goheimotsu (strips of white paper for Shinto rituals). Atsuta Jingu Shrine and its environs are filled with such attractions as kentou makiwara (light tributes tied with straw), fireworks at Jingu Koen (Shrine Park), various martial arts and entertainment competitions, and kodomo mikoshi (portable shrines for children).

When: June 5th
Time: Festival starts from around 10 am with the Kento Makiwara 6 pm to 9 pm and Fireworks 7:40 pm to 8:30 pm
Cost: Free