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Nagashima & Nagoya, A trip with everything you could imagine (vol. 2)

We invited 2 visitors to experience the sightseeing spots in the Chubu area with the support of Ctrip, a famous travel website in China.

It was a trip of four days and three nights. We have selected some of their travel notes for this report. Let’s take a trip in the Chubu area with their report as a guide.

Today we will continue our trip in the Chubu area by introducing the Ctrip travel report of the 3rd and 4th days.

Shima Mediterranean Village

After enjoying the delicious breakfast in the hotel, we went to our first destination, Shima Mediterranean Village. As soon as we arrived there, I felt like I was in Europe. The building in blue and white is a nice spot for taking photos.

Nagashima Spa Land

Now it is time to go to our 2nd destination today! It is Nagashima Spa Land.

I felt so excited when I arrived here! Nagashima Spa Land is the amusement park with the most roller coasters in the world. I couldn’t wait to ride all the roller coasters!

The roller coaster in front of me, 2479 meters in length and 97 meters in height, is the longest and highest in the world. It takes 5 minutes to ride. You can enjoy the wonderful ocean view while riding it.

Of course there are also attractions for children, like the Ferris wheel and carousel.

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Another plus point: the outlet shopping mall is the biggest one in Japan. If you like shopping, this place will be like heaven to you!

Nabana no Sato

If you think the nights in the Chubu area will be boring, then you are making a big mistake. In Nabana no Sato, you will have a romantic night. It is a theme park known for its flora, but also for its four month long illumination spectacular.

There is a flora exhibition at the central area of the park. It is my first time to see a house filled with flowers; even the roof is included.

Leaving the flower house, I entered another world, which is made up of illuminations.

This year the topic of the illumination show is Kumamon.

The Westin Nagoya Castle

The hotel we choose in Nagoya is the Westin, which has a perfect view of Nagoya Castle.

Nagoya Castle

In Nagoya Castle, you can find that the souvenirs on the theme of the golden dolphins are everywhere.

Today’s schedule is Nagoya Castle. Some parts of Nagoya Castle are being renovated. The renovated parts keep the old outlook.


If we are talking about the particular attractions of Nagoya besides Nagoya Castle, we have to mention Hitsumabushi(ひつまぶし). The taste, which is different from the Tokyo one, is crisper.


If the unagi is not enough for you, the Hida Beef and crab are waiting for you. The restaurant we chose is so popular in Japan that it counts many famous people as customers.

Looking forward to the next trip!

Next time, don’t plan Nagoya as simply a transfer station. You may take 3 or 4 days for the city and its environs, and you may well be surprised what is waiting for you.

Is our travel report helpful to you? Does it show you a different side to the Japanese Chubu area? We hope you will join us again on our trips!

For the whole report on Ctrip, please click here

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