Where Nobunaga's Father's Funeral Service was Held.

Nobuhide, the father of Nobunaga Oda one of the ""Three Heroes of the Waring-States Period"", originally built the temple on the south side of old ""Nagoya Castle"". Stories tell of his son Nobunaga going into a rage and acting out a play, at his father's funeral. When the new Nagoya Castle was constructed, it was relocated to its present-day location. Bansho-Ji Temple helped contribute to the development of the town of Osu and has recently undergone restoration. Upon its completion, the gravestone of Prince Nobuhide will be made available for public viewing.

Address 〒460-0011 Aichi-ken, Nagoya, Naka Ward Osu 3-29-12
Directions Subway

By subway take the Higashiyama Line from Nagoya (H08) to Fushimi (H09) approx. 3mins. or take the Tsurumai Line from Fushimi (T07) to Kamimaezu (T09) approx. 3min. Take the number 8 exit approx. 3mins.

Business hours Free to worship
Holidays Open Year Round
Contact 052-262-0736
Price Free Entry
Average visit length 30 Mins
Websites Official Sitehttp://www.banshoji.or.jp/e/

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