This hostel has a unified design with a relaxing green color and wood grain. There are a lot of antique furniture, too. This hostel is for everyone including those who love traveling. A dormitory, private, and Japanese-style rooms are available, as are elevators. It's located in the busy Osu shopping district, bustling with many people every day, so it's not only convenient for shopping, but for getting a glimpse of Japanese people's daily lives and experience true Japan during your stay. This makes the hostel very attractive for everyone.

● Dormitory
Unisex (1 room for seven guests), female only (1 room for five guests)
● Rooms
4 twin rooms, 2 rooms for four guests, 1 room for six guests
● Japanese-style room
1 room for three guests, 1 room for 4 guests
※ You may use a dormitory room as a private room. Also, regular rooms may be used as dormitories.

Address Osu 3-27-29, Nakaku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0011

Take Higashiyama Line from Nagoya Station (H08) to Fushimi (H09) About 3mins
Take Tsurumai Line from Fushimi(T07) to Kamimaezu (T09) About 3 mins

Take No. 8 exit and walk 3 mins

Business hours

Check in: 3pm-10pm
Check out: 8am-10am


Open all year round





Credit card payment

Visa, Master, Amex are accepted.

Supported languages

Japanese and English
*Spanish is available depending on the date.


For one night: ¥2,500-¥3,000

Websites Official Site

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