Gifu city is located 30 km north of Nagoya. Unlike the plains of Nagoya, a large river flows through Gifu city and at the top of Mt. Kinka (金華山/Kinka-zan) rests Gifu Castle. Unique features include high-rise buildings and city lights that run from the foot of the mountain. Mt. Kinka's observation deck (金華山展望台/Kinka-zan tenboudai) overlooks Gifu city. The view of the scenery and landscape is marvelous. If you are coming by car be aware the road closes at 9 p.m. So if you come by train, going to GIFU CITY TOWER 43 in front of the station is recommended for the view.

Address Kamikanouyama, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture 500-8121

JR Tokkaido Honsen
Nagoya to Gifu (20mins)
A 30-minute walk from Gifu station.

Business hours

Mt. Kinka Driveway
Operating Hours: 7:00–21:00




Free to walk

Average visit length

1 hour

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