A park located in the center of Suwa tourism, it operates pleasure boats on the shore of Lake Suwa. Free foot baths are available. (Regular 9:00 am ~ 6:30 pm, open until 5:30 pm Dec. ~ Mar.) A health promenade is also available which uses a walking board with protruding massage spikes of various shapes and sizes to help you refresh yourself from the tiredness of walking and driving while taking in the surrounding scenery. Above all is the Suwa Lake Geyser Center has a geyser that spouts five times a day. (Apr. ~ Sept. 6 times a day)

Between areas 2~5 Suwa Lakeside Street, Nagano
Directions JR
Take the JR Chuo main line limited express Wide View Shinano No. 25 from Nagoya to Shiojiri about 2 hours.
Take the JR Chuo main line to Kofu from Shiojiri to Kamisuwa about 20 minutes.
From there walk 8 minutes.

Business hours Open 24 hours (Suwa Lake Geyser Center 9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm, Oct. ~ Mar. ~ 5:00 pm)
Holidays Geyser Center and Footbath are closed on August 15th and 1st Saturday of September.
Contact 0266-52-4141 (Suwa City City Planning Division Park Green Space)
Average visit length 1 ~ 2 hours
Websites Official Site (JPN)http://www.city.suwa.lg.jp/www/info/detail.jsp?id=582

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