Daio Wasabi Farm is the largest wasabi farm in Japan with a history of over 100 years. The wasabi here is grown using spring water from the Northern Alps. The blues of the irrigation ditches and the greens of the wasabi leaves stand in beautiful contrast to eachother. The vast farmland was also used in the 1990 Kurosawa film Dreams (Yume).

Address Hotaka 3640, Azumino, Nagano 399-8303
〒399-8303 長野県安曇野市穂高3640

From JR Nagoya Station to Matsumoto Station (About 2hr)
From JR Matsumoto Station to Hotaka Station (About 30min)
Take the bus for Daio Wasabi Farm on Daio Wasabi Farm Line East Route from Hotaka Station to Daio Wasabi Farm (About 45min)

Business hours

Mar–Oct 9am–5:20pm
Nov–Feb 9am –4:30pm


Open all year round




Free of charge

Websites Official Site (JPN)http://www.daiowasabi.co.jp/

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