Momotaro is a Japanese fable. Momotaro left on a quest to slay evil ogres after his village was attacked. On his way, he befriended a dog, monkey, and bird, and together they defeated the ogres. At the end of the fable, Momotaro transforms into Mt. Momoyama, and this shrine is dedicated to the mountain.
The Kami of Momotaro Shrine are said to ensure safe deliveries of babies and health for children. The characters from the fable can be found all over the shrine grounds, giving a different feel to the usual solemnity of Japanese shrines.

Ohira-853 Kurisu, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0003
〒484-0003 愛知県犬山市栗栖古屋敷桃太郎公園

Take the Meitetsu Inuyama Line. It's a 5-minute taxi ride from Inuyama Yuuen Station.

Business hours

10:00-4:00 pm





Average visit length

About 30 minutes

Websites Official  Site (JPN)

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