Café Mountain has been operating for over 50 years. It's old fashioned and interior only adds to its charm. Among locals, it also goes by the name of Mountain Coffee. In part because of its name, Mountain, and also because of the food piled as high as a mountain. Café Mountain is best known for its creamy, sweet kinds of pasta. The pasta is fried in oil, covered with cream, and sprinkled with fresh and sweet strawberries. One bite and you'll get a mouthful of sweet cream reminiscent of strawberry shortcake.

Address 47-86 Takikawacho, Showa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 466-0826

愛知県 名古屋市昭和区 滝川町 47-86


Take the Higashiyama Subway Line from Nagoya Station to Fushimi Station. (about 3 mins)
Transfer to the Tsurumai Line from Fushimi Station to Irinaka Station. (about 13 mins)
It's ten minutes on foot.

Business hours

9:00am-9:30pm (Kitchen closed: 9pm)


Mondays (When open on national holidays, closed the following Tuesday. There may be temporary closures).



Credit card payment

Not accepted



Average visit length

About an hour

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