<p><div align="right"><font size="-1">Sponsored by Chez Shibata</font></div></p>

<p>Chez Shibata operates more than 10 confectionary shops mainly in Asia including Tajimi-shi in Gifu, and Nagoya-shi in Aichi, Japan, developing uniquely designed sweets based on French-style confections.</p>
<p>The innovative sweets created by Chez Shibata are the result of the use of carefully selected Japanese material as well as high-quality material procured from all over the world to suit the Japanese palate. </p>
<p>Assuming positions of Tajimi Goodwill Ambassador, Maccha (Green Tea) Ambassador, Chocolat Ambassadeur appointed by Cemoi in France, Chez Shibata has been engaging in business activities on a global scale as confectionary shop representing Tokai area. </p>

Address 5-10-3 Taihei-cho, Tajimi-shi, Gifu 507-0041

〒507-0041 岐阜県多治見市太平町5丁目10−3

Tel: 0572-24-3030

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