The Little Town Next to Ise Shrine

There is a little town nestled inside the grounds of Ise Shrine that's home to numerous places serving famous local foods, selling traditional handicrafts and giving visitors a taste of the history of the area. You can sample classic dishes of old and even a few new specialities from the area. There a number of seasonal events to see and participate in and 

Address 52 Ujinakanokiri, Ise, Mie Prefecture, 516-8558

Route 1
Kintetsu Nagoya Limited Express (platform 4 or 5) from Nagoya to Ise (1h and 20m)
Walk southwest for 5 minutes to Geku.
Mie Kotsu Naiku Bus from Geku-mae to Naiku Mae (10m)
Route 2
JR Rapid Mie platform 12 or 13 from Nagoya to Ise (1h and 30m)
Walk 5 minutes to Geku
Mie Kotsu Naiku Bus from Geku-mae to Naiku-mae (10m)

Okage Yokocho is in front of Naiku-mae.

Business hours

From March to July, October:9:30am–5:30pm (From April to July, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:30–6:00pm)

August and September 9:30am–6:00pm
From November to February 9:30–5:00pm(February Sataurday, Sunday, and holidays 9:30am-5:30pm)

Some stores open during at night.


Open Year-Round





Credit card payment

Visa, DC, JCB, AMEX, MasterCard

Supported languages

English map available at the main facilities around Geku, Naiku, and city tour gide information center.


Admissions free

Avarage spending

Average visit length

Half day–full day

Websites Official Site and Okage-yokocho

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