A Hands-On Aquarium Experience!

Near Fuufu-iwa is one of Trip Advisor's Top 5 Aquariums in Japan. At Ise Sea Paradise, the goal is to give visitors an up-close experience with the sea life that's on display. You can touch the animals, have them sit on your knee and take photos with them. The Small-clawed otters will shake your hand, the walruses will blow you kisses, the sea lions perform shows, the seals will let you pet them and Steller's sea lions will do their best to say "hello".

Address 580 Futamichoue, Ise, Mie Prefecture 519-0602
Route 1
Kintetsu Nagoya Limited Express (platform 4 or 5) from Nagoya to Ise (1h and 30m)
JR Sanmiya Line (platform2) from Ise to Futamiura (10m) 
Walk about 15 minutes from Futamigaura station
Route 2
Kintetsu Nagoya Limited Express (platform 4 or 5) from Nagoya to Ise (1h and 30m)
Mie Kotsu Ise-Futami-Toba Bus CAN Bus (platform 7) from Ise to Meotoiwa east exit • Ise Sea Paradise Mae (40m)

Business hours
Business hours may change depending on the season.  
Please check the website before making plans
Contact TEL:0596-42-1760
Wi-Fi Available
Credit card payment
Supported languages English
Adults ¥1,600
Elementary and Junior High ¥800
Preschools(3yrs and up) ¥400
Average visit length 2 hours-half day
Websites Official Site (JPN)https://ise-seaparadise.com/ Ise Sea Paradise Aquariumhttps://www.iseshima-kanko.jp/en/see-and-do/1597

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