Take a Bus Ride Between 20-Meter-Tall Walls of Snow

At the top of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is the world-famous, and rather snowy, Murodou area. The roads here are accessible from April and it takes a month to carve out a path with bulldozers. In the process of carving out the roads, massive walls of snow, 20 meters-high, form. While the sight looks like computer graphics in photos, it's quite real. Murodou is a great place to play in the snow!


Shitsudo, Ashikuraji, Tateyama, Nakaniikawa, Toyama 930-1414

〒930-1414 富山県中新川郡立山町芦峅寺室堂

Directions JR
Route 1
JR Limited Express Wide View Hida (platform 11) Nagoya-Toyama (3h40m) 
Walk Toyama-Dentetsu Toyama (3m)
Toyama Regional Railway Dentetsu Toyama -Tateyama (1h)
Route 2 
JR Limited Express Shirasagi (platform 4) Nagoya - Kanazawa (3h)
IR Ishikawa Railway Kanazawa-Toyama (1h)
Walk Toyama-Dentetsu Toyama (3m)
Toyama Regional Railway Dentetsu Toyama-Tateyama(1h)

Business hours
Summer thru winter
Contact TEL:076-431-3331
Wi-Fi None
Credit card payment
Supported languages None
Average visit length 2–3 hours
Websites Official Site (JPN)https://www.alpen-route.com/enjoy_navi/snow_otani/ Yuki-no-Otanihttp://kanko.town.tateyama.toyama.jp/english/spot.html#ootani

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