One of the Three Great Buddha Statues and Japan's Most Beautiful Man

Takaoka is home to 95% of Japan's copperware production. Famous for their the skills, the craftspeople of Takaoka spent 26 years building the 15.85-meter-tall, and 65-ton, Great Buddha of Takaoka. The scale of it is impressive. The statue was further made famous by former singer Yosano Akiko's song "The Most Beautiful Man in Japan" where she claimed the Takaoka Buddha was more beautiful than the one in Kamakura.


11-29 Ootemachi, Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture 933-2139

〒933-2139 富山県高岡市大手町11-29

Directions JR
"Route 1 
JR Limited Express Shirasagi (platform 4) Nagoya-Kanazawa (3h20m)
IR Ishikawa Railway and Ainokaze Toyama Railway Kanazawa-Takaoka (40m)
Walk Takaoka-Takaoka Daibutsu (10m)
Route 1 
JR Limited Express Shirasagi (platform 4) Nagoya-Kanazawa (3h20m)
JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanazawa-Shin Takaoka (15m)
JR Jyohana Line Shin Takaoka-Takaoka (3m) 
Walk Takaoka-Takaoka Daibutsu (10m)
Route 3
Kaetsuno Bus (Highway bus, reservation required) Nagoya- Takaoka Minami (3h50m)
Walk Takaoka-Takaoka Daibutsu (10m)

Business hours
6am–6pm (Buddha Statue) 
Contact TEL:0766-23-9156
Wi-Fi Available
Credit card payment
Supported languages None
Average visit length 1–2 hours
Websites Official Site (JPN)

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