Known in the Edo Period as a "post town," Yui is now famous for its views of Mount Fuji.
Yui is home to the Tōkaidō Hiroshige Art Museum, at which Utagawa Hiroshige's series of woodblock prints, "The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō,​" is exhibited, along with many other pieces of ukiyo-e art. Yui's local specialty is sakura shrimp, which can be experienced in a variety of ways at local stores and restaurants, from sashimi to kamameshi (iron pot rice) and aemono (Japanese-style salad), although it is most famously featured in tempura. Other seafood is also abundant, with restaurants serving dishes such as sakura shrimp, tuna sashimi and donburi topped with local seafood.

Yui, Shimizu, Shizuoka 421-3103
〒421-3103 静岡市清水区由比


Take Tokaido Main Line from Shizuoka Station (20m)
Walk from Yui Station (25m)

Business hours





TEL:054-375-5166(Tokaido Yuishuku Koryukan)


Not available

Credit card payment

Different depending on the store

Average visit length

About 1-2 hours

Websites Official Site(JPN) Shizuoka City Tourism Website

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