Mitarashi Dango (sweet rice dumplings) Smothered in a Secret Sauce

Mitarashi dango is a traditional Japanese snack: rice dumplings on a stick, baked and dipped in sugar and soy sauce. Nagoya mitarashi dango tastes a little different from other places in Japan. Mitarashi dango here comes smothered in a sauce that's recipe has been a secret for over 50 years. Sweet kinako (bean powder) is also added to the dumplings giving them a lovely bean aroma.

2-30-23 Osu, Naka, Nagoya 460-0001
〒460-0011 名古屋市中区大須2-30-12
Directions Subway
Take the Higashiyama Subway Line from Nagoya (H08) to Sakae (H10) or take the Meijo Subway Line from Sakae (M05) to Kamimaezu (M03). Take exit 10 and walk for 6 minutes.

Business hours 1:00pm-7:00pm
Holidays Irregular closure
Contact TEL:052-221-7010
Wi-Fi Available (OSU Wi-Fi)
Credit card payment Not accepted
Average visit length About 5 minutes
Difficulty ★★★☆☆
Websites @Osu

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