The entrance of JR Takashimaya is next to the Sakura-Dori Exit of JR Nagoya Station, and the landmark Golden Clock of Nagoya Station is nearby. This department store caters mainly to luxury products, targeting female customers between 30–40. Takashimaya is connected to GATE TOWER MALL on almost every floor by walkways for your convenience. JR Takashimaya's most popular areas are the B1 and B2 food areas. Popular souvenirs, desserts, and Japanese bento are all on offer. Clothing can be found between the 4th & 8th floors. The sophisticated clothes offered here are a good choice for business people. TOKYU HANDS is a popular department store, overflowing with a variety of knickknacks and useful household items, spanning the 5th to 11th floors. The goods here cover everything from DIY supplies, bedding, kitchenware, to stationery including a larger variety of specialized products, such as woodworking tools, pliers, etc. The 12th and 13th floors are home to a variety of restaurants. Many restaurants here are highly ranked on Tabelog, the Japanese Yelp. Prices for a single diner range from ¥1,500–¥10,000! There are many dishes worth trying, such as Nagoya Asada (kaiseki cuisine), Kounan (ramen), and Tori Gotetsu (chicken and egg rice).

Address 1-1-4 Meieki, Nakamura, Nagoya 450-6001

〒450-6001 名古屋市中村区名駅一丁目1番4号

A minute walk from Nagoya Station

Business hours

10 am – 8 pm





Credit card payment



Depending on the store/Some stores are duty-free.

Average visit length

About 1 hour

Websites Official Site

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