Iga Hachimangu Shrine was built to safeguard the Tokugawa and they maintained it with great care. It is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu also visited the shrine whenever there was a big battle. Iemitsu, Ieyasu's grandson, extended Iga Hachiman-gu Shrine to enshrine Ieyasu as a god. Visitors can experience the beauty of Japan at the shrine's pont and the silhouette of the stone bridge inside the shrine's grounds. While it's beautiful in any season, July is particularly lovely when the pond is filled with pink lotus flowers.

Iga-cho, Higashi-gou-naka 86 Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture 444-0075
〒444-0075 愛知県岡崎市伊賀町東郷中86
Directions Nagoya Railway (Meitetsu)
• Take Meitetsu from Nagoya to Higashi Okazaki Station (30 minutes)
• Take a bus at Higashi Okazaki Sataion (North Exit) to Hachimansha mae (9minutes)

Business hours
Holidays None
Contact 0564-26-2789
Price Donations start at ¥5,000.
Websites Official Site (JPN)http://www.igahachimanguu.com/index.html

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