Daiju-ji Temple was an especially important temple for the Tokugawa and houses tablets for each successive family head and shogun. It is interesting to note that the tablets for each shogun are as tall as they were. For example, the mortuary tablet of Tokugawa Ieyasu is 159 cm.

When Tokugawa Ieyasu was young, he lost a battle he was involved in, and ran back to this temple and attempted suicide but a priest urged him not to. If Tokugawa had killed himself then and there, the Tokugawa shogunate may have never existed.

If you face the gate from inside Daiju-ji Temple, you'll clearly see Okazaki Castle 3 kilometers in the distance. This view has been purposefully maintained for the past 370 years. The important of both these locations to the Tokugawa is evident.

Address Kamoda-cho, Hiromoto 5-1 Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture 444-2121
〒444-2121 愛知県岡崎市鴨田町広元5−1

• Take Meitetsu from Nagoya to Higashi Okazaki Station (30 minutes)
• Take a bus at Higashi Okazaki Sataion (North Exit) to Daiju-ji (9minutes)

Business hours

October thru March: 9am–4pm (last entrance 3:30pm)
April thru September: 9am–4:30pm (last entrace 4pm)






Adults: ¥400
Disabled adults: ¥350
School-aged children: ¥200
Pre-school and under: FREE!

Websites Official Site (JPN)http://home1.catvmics.ne.jp/-daijuji/

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