Yamato Takeru Nomikoto who appeared in Kojiki is said to have fallen ill and died on his way home after suppressing the country in the east. The grave of Yamato Takeru Nomikoto is here at Nobono Shrine. It measures about 9x90m and is the largest burial mound in northern Mie Prefecture. 16 additional mounds are on this tomb.

1409 Tamura-cho, Kameyama 519-0213
〒519-0213 亀山市田村町1409
Directions JR
• Take the train from Nagoya to Kameyama (75 minutes)
• Change trains at Kameyama towards Seki (6 minutes)
• Walk from Seki Station (about 15 minutes)

Business hours
Holidays Open All Year Round
Contact 0595-96-1218 (Kameyama Machinami Cultural Properties Office)
Price None

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