Konomiya Shrine is a widely believed to house the guardian deity of the Owari district, a guardian of agricultural and commerce, and an protection against evil. The provincial governor was able to perform his own religious services as the shrine used to be next to the governor's office. Therefore, the shrine is generally referred to as the Konomiya Shrine or Konomiya.
Formally, it is known as Naoi Shinji and originated more than 1250 years ago, as a way to drive out disease. Its more modern practice of stripping down to your skivvies is said to have started at the end of the Edo Period.

Address 1 Chome-1-1 Matsushita, Inazawa, Aichi 492-8137
〒492-8137 愛知県稲沢市国府宮1丁目1番1号

Take the Meitetsu Main Line and get off at Konomiya station. It's a 3-minute walk from the station's north exit.
Take the Tokaido Main Line and get off at JR Inazawa Station. It's a 15-minute walk from the station.

Business hours

Office Hours: 8:30-5: 00 pm




0587-23-2121 (Owari Okuni Tama-no-Kami)



Average visit length

About 1 hour

Websites Official Site (JPN)http://www.konomiya.or.jp/

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