This is a Gassho-zukuri house that was once located in the place called "Mythical Village." A number of masterpieces of Shirakawa-go are exhibited; some of which are Gassho-zukuri paintings by the artist, Mr. Itaya, as well as woodcarving works, and woods aged over 800 years. A view inside the building is fantastic and taking pictures are allowed. The mixture of architecture and artwork is overwhelming.

185 Ogimachi, Shiarkawamura, Oono, Gifu 501-5627
〒501-5627 岐阜県大野郡白川村荻町185
Directions Bus
Gifu bus: From Nagoya Station at Meitetsu Bus Center 3F (platform 7) to Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal (2h50m)
7-minute walk from Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal

Business hours 10:00~16:00
Holidays Irregular closure
Contact Tel: 05769-6-1226
30 wireless access points in Shirakawa-go
Credit card payment Cash only
Price Adults:¥300 Children: ¥100
Average visit length About 1 hour
Websites Shirakawa-go Tourist Association

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