Kazue-machi Chaya District is a teahouse district where samurai of the local warlord used to have his residents. It was not a place for having tea, even though the name says “teahouse.” The place was used for Geisha and some wealthy people got together to socialize.
The old townscape with narrow alley and the architectural design called thousand lattices is unique feature of this district. Of all hree teahouse streets in Kanazawa, the district is built along the river, and it began flourishing quite recently around modern times. Currently, there are small Japanese restaurants, Japanese-style cafés and bars. The place has an authentic Japanese vibe.

Address Kazue-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0908
〒920-0908 石川県金沢市主計町


Take Kanazawa Loop Bus (RIght Loop) at bus terminal 7 at the east exit of Kanazawa Station. (10m) Wak 5 minutes from Hashibacho bus station.

Business hours





Tel: 076-220-2194(Tourism Promotion Section
of Kanazawa City Hall)


KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi (Partially available)

Credit card payment

Depending on the stores

Average visit length

About 1 hour

Websites Kanazawa City Tourism Associationhttps://en.visitkanazawa.jp/mustgoplace/touristspot/area3/5

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