Higashi Chaya District is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kanazawa.
The whole district is preserved as a cultural asset, and retains its traditional look.

In the evening, the historical buildings lit up, and you will hear the sounds of shamisens (Japanese guiter) and Japanese drums somewhere. Also, the traditional houses have stone pavement, which makes women in kimono will look like the flowers of its scenery. Even though it has historical and sophisticated atmosphere, there are many casual cafés, Japanese sweets stores, traditional craft shops and miscellaneous shops.

Address Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0831
〒920-0831 石川県金沢市東山


Take Kanazawa Loop Bus (RIght Loop) at bus terminal 7 at the east exit of Kanazawa Station. (10m) Wak 10 minutes from Hashibacho bus station.

Business hours





Tel: 076-232-5555(Kanazawa City Tourism Association)


KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi: Available(Covers most areas)

Credit card payment

Depending on the stores

Average visit length

About 1 hour

Websites Kanazawa City Tourism Associationhttps://en.visitkanazawa.jp/mustgoplace/touristspot/area4/1

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