The oldest shrine in Kanazawa.
The shrine is said to be built about 1500 years ago. It is also said to be for the people who want to find their soulmates, which attracts many female visitors. That is not the only reason why this shrine is so popular among women, however: it is a pretty mascot called "Kima-chan" with a Japanese traditional hat, and cute charms and emas (good luck placard). The charm has a polka-dot pattern which means “all is well.”

3-1-30 Hondamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0964
〒920-0964 金沢市本多町3-1-30
Directions Bus
Take Kanazawa Loop Bus (RIght Loop) at bus terminal 7 at the east exit of Kanazawa Station. (18m) Get off at Hirosaka/21st Century Museum.

Business hours
9:00~16:00(Shrine Office)
9:00am (12/31)-11:00pm (1/1)
Holidays Free
Contact Tel: 076-231-3314
Wi-Fi Unavailable
Credit card payment Unavailable
Average visit length About 30 minutes
Websites Official Site (JPN) Kanazawa City Hall

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