| Mark and Sayaka

A day out in Kakuozan (vol.2)

M : Hi Sayaka! How are you today?

S : Oh, hi Mark! I’m doing great. What are we going to do today?

M : Well, today I would like to show you some of the interesting places in Kakuozan, Nagoya. Some are big and well known, others are small and hidden away a little, but they are all worth visiting. So let’s go!

S : That sounds good! Lead the way!

Kakuozan apartments

S : Apartments? People live here?

M : Well, yes and no. This is a little stone building off the main street, and you wouldn’t know it was here unless you were told.

M : So it’s not really an “apartment”. It’s actually a set of small, very personal, individual shops, often run by highly skilled artists. It’s like the absolute opposite of a big department store.

S : Let’s go inside and see.

S : Aren’t these cards cute? I love this one in particular.

M : And look at this little stone. The artist paints on it and creates something unique.

M : This place almost feels like stepping back in time - and I mean that in a good way.

S: What a charming place!

Shofukaku (松楓閣)

There are many places in Nagoya where you can go to eat. Very few of them look like this though.

M : This is Shofukaku, which is what is called in Japanese a “ryotei” (料亭). It is basically a traditional type of Japanese restaurant. Very traditional indeed, and very gorgeous, as you will see.

S : Imagine having dinner here!

M : Even the roof is a work of art.

M : The inside of the building is very large. It has many corridors and rooms, and we were lucky to have a guide to show us around.

S: I want to be the guide!

M : Some of the rooms have absolutely spectacular views of the outside. Take a look.

The gardens around the restaurant are typical of Japanese temples and other such institutions.

M : Well, that was quite amazing. However, as much as I love such beautiful buildings with great views, it’s getting close to lunchtime and I’m getting hungry.

S : Me too! Let’s go and have something to eat!

* Shofukaku is not generally open to the public unless they are going there specifically to eat.

Kakuozan larder

M : Lunchtime!

S : Good!

M : Kakuozan larder is a small, but very cool and laid-back little cafe. The interior design is very novel, and it’s fun to look around while you wait for your order.

M : What did you order, Sayaka?

S : I ordered a burger and that’s exactly what I got. A rather big one.

M : It is a popular place and if you’re in the area, it is definitely worth a visit.

S : Well, that was a good lunch. I’m quite full!

M : Feeling more energetic now? Ready to head on to the next place? Good!

Bon Matériel

S : Yes, I know we just had lunch. But have you ever heard the Japanese expression “betsubara”?

M : Yes. It means “separate stomach” and is like saying “there is always room for dessert” in English. And when the “dessert” looks this good, how can we say no?

M : That is Ito-san, the proprietor of the store.

M : Why don’t you try a smoothie? They’re only 500 yen, and the colors even match your clothes!

S : Ooh, it’s delicious! Thank you, Ito-San!

M : Well, we have one more place to visit. It’s been a busy but fun day, hasn’t it? Let’s go on to the final destination.

Five e’s

S : What kind of place is this?

M : Five e’s is, in its own words, a “vege cafe and wine bar” and is located quite close to Kakuozan subway station.
The name is based on a kind of wordplay in Japanese, and refers to the characteristics of the bar and the food : words like “healthy” and “happy”, which both end with an “e” sound.

S : That’s clever!

We are going to finish up our day with a glass of wine at this elegant bar.

S : That looks rather tasty. Let’s give it a try.

S : Delicious!

M : Well, we have come to the end of our day out in Kakuozan. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have and that you’ve learned a little more about this part of Nagoya.

S : Yes! I had a great day and now I know much more about Kakuozan than I did before. Thank you!

M : My pleasure. Until next time!


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