The Seki Parade Float Museum opened in 2019 and is host to "The Mountains of Seki". Each July, Seki hosts its annual "Seki Juku Gion Summer Festival" with a large parade featuring traditional Japanese floats. In Takayama, these floats are called "dashi", but in Seki they are known as "yama". "Yama" translates as "mountain" in Japanese the phrase "The mountains of Seki" means to "perform to the best of your abilities". The floats, ie. mountains, of Seki are good examples of this, as they are quite large—any larger and they wouldn't fit down the streets of the city.

531 Seki-cho, Naka-machi, Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture 519-1112
〒519-1112 三重県亀山市関町中町531
Directions JR
• Take the train from Nagoya to Kameyama (75 minutes)
• Change trains at Kameyama towards Seki (6 minutes)
• Walk from Seki Station (about 5 minutes)

Business hours
Holidays Closed on Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a public holiday) and December 29–January 3.
Contact 0595-96-1103
Seki Parade Float Museum-only Admission
Adults     ¥300
Kids        ¥200
Combo Pack
(Seki Parade Float Museum, Seki Travel Lodge Museum, and Seki City Museum)
Adults     ¥500
Kids        ¥300
Websites Tourism Association Website(JPN)

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