Inuyama Leather Studio vinculum leather deals in handmade leather products. Products include handmade leather bags, business card holders, wallets, camera straps, and earrings. They offer various hands-on experiences. They take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete, and when you're done you'll have a cool and unique leather accessory! Depending on availability, you can participate in the basic plan without a reservation.

Address 677 Higashi Koken, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0076

〒484-0076 愛知県犬山市 東古券677

Take the train from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station about 26 minutes.
Walk from Inuyama Station to Inuyama Leather Studio vinculum leather, about 12 minutes.

Business hours

10–7 pm


Wednesday & the 3rd Tuesday of every month




Depends on course

Websites Official Site (JPN)

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